Sixth edition of Wroclaw event that combines the spirit of demoscene with retro computing and gaming.

The party is an opportunity for meeting fellow fans of 8 and 16-bit computers that were popular in Poland in 80s and 90s (such as Amiga, Commodore, Atari or ZX Spectrum), and demosceners (those from the past, as well, as those still active).

When and Where?

Event is scheduled to take place from July 31th - August 2nd 2020 at WYSPA TAMKA ART-HUB x KLUB, Wyspa Tamka 2, Wroclaw, Poland.

This year’s edition consists of three parts:

  • Decrunch Intro - Live acts
  • Decrunch Duels - 1vs1 duels
  • Decrunch Party - Demoscene competitions

We are doing our best to organize DECRUNCH 2020 on the physical ground, however if risks related due to COVID-19 will increase the event may be moved online.


Decrunch Intro

  • Live music acts
  • Music played with the original retro hardware and instruments
  • more info

Decrunch Duels

  • Realtime demoscene duels
    • Live Pixel Art
  • Gamedev competitions, presentation of games crafted for and played on original hardware- more info

Decrunch Party

  • MSX

    • Amiga Tracked
    • Executable 32K
  • GFX

    • Amiga Pixel
    • Amiga Raytrace
    • Executable 4K
    • Colorcycling
  • WILD

    • Wild Demo

    • Intro
    • 8-bit demo
    • Amiga Demo
  • more info

Photo report from earlier edition

fot. kosma.moczek

More reports on Decrunch 2016

Following ticket options are available at Decrunch 2020:

  • free - free admission for children upto 5 years old at Saturday Decrunch Duels event (retro computing and gaming part), valid through Saturday until the Decrunch Party starts (scheduled at 18:00).
  • 20 PLN - single day ticket - Friday
  • 30 PLN - single midday ticket for Saturday Decrunch Duels part, valid through Saturday until the Decrunch Party starts (scheduled at 18:00).
  • 60 PLN - actual Decrunch 2020 whole-in-one package. Allows you to participate in whole event. Gives you right to vote in competitions and is the only option to enter the Saturday Demoscene part.
  • 100 PLN or more - supporter ticket for all-in-one package. You get: online ticket, a T-shirt and your name displayed in supporters section on this webpage

You can get your supporter ticket via PAYPAL.

Other tickets will be available at the spot.


Muzeum Historii Komputerów i Informatyki w Katowicach dreamweb atari.area


Decrunch Intro

Friday, July 31th

Music played with the original retro hardware and electronic musical instruments.

Decrunch Duels

Saturday, August 1st

  • 14:00 - Live Pixel Art
  • 16:00 - Game dev compo

Decrunch Party

Saturday, August 1st

  • Deadline:

    • 15:00 msx entries
    • 16:00 all other entries
  • 20:00 First compo batch

    • Amiga Tracked Msx
    • Executable Msx
  • 21:30 Second compo batch

    • Amiga Pixel Gfx
    • Amiga Raytrace
    • Executable Gfx
    • Colorcycling
    • Wild Demo
  • 22:30 Third compo batch

    • Intro
    • 8-bit Demo
    • Amiga Demo

Organizers reserve the righs to adjust compo list and rules (no gamechangers though).

Decrunch Endpart

Sunday, August 2nd

  • 0:00 - end of voting
  • 0:30 - prize giving ceremony
  • 10:30 - doors close


Main theme of the event are heydays (golden ages of our beloved computers). Entries should be dedicated to stock configurations.

Compo machines

Stock configurations

Amiga 500

  • 1MB (0.5+0.5)
  • Kickstart 1.3
  • Agnus 8372A
  • Denise 8362


  • 1541, 1541-II, 1541U
  • New VIC 8565
  • Single SID
  • 6581 or 8580 - mark your favourite flavour

ATARI 8-bit

  • Atari 800XL
  • 64K RAM
  • Single POKEY

Atari 16-bit

  • 1040STF

ZX Spectrum

  • ZX Spectrum+
  • 48K
  • AY

Amstrad / Schneider

  • CPC 6128
  • 3,5"

Non-stock configurations

Amiga 1200

  • Apollo 1260
  • 060/50MHz
  • 64MB Fast RAM
  • Kickstart 3.0


  • AMD Ryzen 3900x
  • 64GB RAM
  • GeForce RTX 2070 super

By 16-bit we understand external CPU data bus and specialized chipsets' of the platform bit size (i.e. MC68000 equipped Amiga 500 or Atari ST are still 16-bit).

You are free to deliver demo for different stock 8 and 16-bit platform configurations, however you are supposed to let us know in advance and deliver proper hardware, if we are not able to do it.


Floppy disk is a basic data carrier. All non-executable entries should fit into one 3.5" floppy disk, or one side of 5.25" one, depending of popularity of the floppy type on the platform. Executable entries can fit into more then one floppy disk, if rules don't state otherwise.


Following competitions are scheduled to take place at Decrunch 2020

Amiga Tracked Music

  • Platform: Amiga 500 1MiB (0,5+0,5 chip+fast)
  • Format: Amiga tracker (MOD, DB1.7, OctaMED, AHX etc, for less popular formats, please contact us)
  • Play time: 4 minutes max

Executable Music

  • Platform: any 8-16 bit
  • Format: executable file (Amiga executable, PRG, XEX etc.)
  • Size limit: 32 KiB (32768 bytes)
  • Max precalc time: 30 sec.
  • Play time: 4 minutes max excluding precalc

Amiga Pixel Graphics

  • Original art only (no copy)
  • Created Pixel Art
  • GFX Chipset: OCS/ECS
  • Format: IFF
  • Entries will be presented in Visage
  • Version without signature will be shown
  • Provide at least 4 genuine workstages.

Colorcycling Graphics

  • Platform: Amiga
  • GFX Chipset: OCS/ECS
  • Format: IFF
  • Entries will be presented in Deluxe Paint IV

Executable Graphics

  • Platform: any 8-16 bit
  • Format: executable file (Amiga executable, PRG, XEX etc.)
  • Size limit: 4 KiB (4096 bytes)
  • Max precalc time: 30 seconds

Amiga Raytraced Graphics

Following configs are valid

  • Platform: A500 1MB
  • Format: IFF
  • project files from software used (must be rendered on A500 1MB)


  • Platform: A1200 + 68882 + 4MB Fast
  • Format: IFF
  • project files from software used (must be rendered on A1200 4MB and 68882 FPU)

Wild Demo

  • Platform: any
  • Any demo that does not fit given categories. If you're using any unusual hardware, you have to deliver it to present your entry.


  • Platform: 8-bit, Amiga, PC
  • Format: executable file (Amiga executable, PRG etc.)
  • Size limit: 40 KiB (40960 bytes)
  • Play time: 8 minutes max

8-bit Demo

  • Play time: 8 minutes max
  • Platform: any 8-bit
  • Format: floppy(ies) or equivalent disk images or executable file
  • Play time: 8 minutes max

Amiga Demo

  • Play time: 8 minutes max
  • Platform: Amiga 500 1MiB (0,5+0,5 chip+fast)
  • Format: 3.5" floppy(ies) or equivalent ADF images
  • If an entry is AmigaDOS executable file, make sure the floppy is bootable
  • Play time: 8 minutes max


  • Platform: Amiga 1200 + Apollo 1260 060/50MHz (2MiB Chip + 64MiB Fast)

  • Format: 3.5" floppy(ies) or equivalent ADF images
  • or a CF card with demo installed + lha archive (up to 16MiB)
  • If an entry is AmigaDOS executable file, make sure the floppy is bootable
  • SetPatch v43.6 will be run before demo execution

Live Pixel

  • Theme for the compo will be announced at the party before the compo starts.
  • Competitors will have an hour to create an entry inspired by the theme on their own (or any available to them) hardware
  • After the competition ends, voting will be enabled in the system
  • Technical requirements:
    • painting software - Brilliance
    • max resolution is 320x256 with 32 color palette
    • usual Pixel Art rules apply (no effects, filters, etc.)

Other rulez

Organizers reserve the rights to merge compos with insufficient number of entries or split them if there are more than one entry for certain platform.

Laptops are allowed only for cross-development purposes.

Remote entries should be sent to

Deadline for remote entries is 31th July 2020 23:59.

One entry per single person in msx and gfx competitions. Same person is allowed to be featured in cooperation with other productions.

Preferred data carriers at the party are floppy disks adequate to the platforms.

We have following hardware available to improve entries' delivery and testing process:

  • 1541U2
  • GOTEK Cortex and HxC
  • PC2SIO + SIDE cart
  • divMMC Future
  • Mega Everdrive
  • Everdrive GB x3 + Supergameboy

Digitally delivered entries (no data carrier) should be submitted in ZIP archive with filename in the following template Archive should contain info.txt file, with the same information.

All entries must be created by delivering people or the group they represent. Entries that have already been presented at other parties or Internet are forbidden and will be disqualified.

GAME DEV competition


  • 8-bit and 16-bit platforms. All stock configurations listed in demoscene compos are valid for the game dev compo.

  • The game should be presented by one of its makers or a person designated by them.

  • Up to 10 minutes for presentation of a single entry.

  • Voting will take place during and after the presentation of submitted entries.

  • Demoparty and game dev compo participants are allowed to vote.

  • Deadline for entry submission: July 30th 2020 at 23:59.

  • Please submit your entries via email or an upload form at website.

  • Please provide:

    • Floppy image or archive containing a game;
    • Info file (e.g. .nfo) containing information on credits, user's manual and hardware requirements;
    • At least two screenshots of the game;
    • A video clip showing the gameplay
  • Complete games or playable demo or work in progress versions are allowed.

  • Ports of games from other platforms are allowed.

  • If the game is a port it should be clearly stated.

  • All works including code or its fragments, audio and visuals of a submitted entry must be original and made by its authors. Games ported from other platforms may be inspired or modelled after originals, but none of its elements of original can be used directly in a ported product.

  • Use of game creation tools like SEUCK, SEUD, Backbone, Reality Game Creator and similar is strongly discouraged.

  • The team/makers of the game hold all IP rights. However, they have to agree to release competition entries as freeware, open-source/free software or any other public domain type of the license.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Decrunch and other retro gaming oriented events?

Decrunch is a party, which aims to integrate retro computing enthusiasts and promote creativity and entertainment that those, once popular machines still stimulate and deliver. The difference lies in convention of the event, which in two thirds is a regular demoscene party.

Where did the name come from?

It a bit accidental result of brainstorming in a hurry in a search for the name that would represent the idea of the event. Name comes from “Decrunching” – a process of data decompression that was previously compressed with what we called “crunchers” back in the days. The process allowed for example to fit more data into a floppy disk, but obviously not only that. Usually, during decrunching process there were some color flickering effects or background color switching effects displayed on the screen.

Can my family acommpany me?

Yes, of course. However it is important to not leave kids without proper attention. Just be a responsible parent.

Please remember, that Saturday and Friday evening events are 18+ only, and no children are allowed on the premises.

Is there a parking spot available?

Yes, there are couple of parking spots available on the party premises. The number of spots is limited, so the sooner you arrive, the more likely is for them to be still available.

Is there any sleeping room or sleeping area available?

No, the party place is not fitted with any dedicated room or space for sleeping, however if noise and party activities do not bother you, you can unfold your sleeping bag in the party hall. If you’re planning to do that, beware of the following rules though:

  • No sleeping in places where you might end up blocking emergency exit route
  • No blocking toilet routes either
  • No sleeping in places where there are actual people trying to have fun, not jump over someone sleeping on the floor
  • Be sure to fold your sleeping bag, mattress etc. early Saturday morning (you can unfold it back again at night). Summarising, no sleeping facilities should be set up during day.

No showers are available on party premises.

Can I bring my own hardware?

Obviously! It is important to remember though, that we have limited table spots, so please contact us before the party (the sooner the better) so that we can predict the number of tables we need to rent and make reservations for you.

Why are the tickects that expensive? Can’t it be done for free?

We are not planning to make any income out of the event, however if there is any, it will be given away in the prizes.



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